Monday, December 15, 2008

From the Readers.....

Good Morning everyone. Just a few quick things for right now before I drop a Lydia Lunch bomb on you either tonight or tomorrow. A couple of people who stopped by have sent me some cool things that I want to share with you. The first one comes from Chris in Seattle, WA and
it is a wicked cool Sam McPheeters interview on KSPC. I couldn't tell you where that radio station comes from but the 25 minutes is certainly well spent if you are a Born Against fan.
I'm not sure how recent the interview is besides the fact he states that he is 39 during it. There is a whole lot of great reflection from his Born Against days.

KSPC Interview with Sam McPheeters

The Loom of Ruin (Sam's Blog)

and for the few of you who haven't already seen it, an oddity of sorts,short and sweet.........

Sam McPheeters on the Montel Show

For the sake of giving y'all something to listen to today, Michael from Athens, Georgia sent me this awesome German compilation a few months back. It's called the Plot compilation and it contains a who's who of great German bands from the early '90's. There are Luzifer's Mob and Graue Zellen who some of you may know from the wonderful "Whispers" compilation that was put out by Profane Existence/Skuld back in the mid '90's. There also more well known Hardcore groups like Acme, Golgatha, Systral, and Zorn. And last but not least, one of my all time favorites, the unrivaled "Ambush". There a few mediocre offerings here but 95% of it definitely stood the test of time. Don't miss out....Troy

Plot Compilation


ido said...

Lydia Lunch bomb....... I've got pleanty of those. Looking forward to what you'll post!

ev1lchris said...

Awesome possum.

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