Thursday, December 11, 2008

Someone Like You....

I'm sure most of you know John Doe from his well known band X and Flesheaters, as well as his modest acting career(besides Roadhouse that is). But still, I've been wondering how many of you have heard The Knitters. The Knitters are 3/4's of X(minus Billy Zoom) and they play what has been called "Cow Punk" though I like to think of it as their take on Roger Miller's style. That's not a bad thing to emulate anyways. These folks debuted with the great "Poor Little Critter on the Road" in 1985 which contained some original songs, a few covers, and some reworked X songs. This album is fucking classic. The songwriting is wonderful and the musicianship is as great as any X fan would expect. Some would argue that they were far better suited to work in this style though as a passionate lover of X's first 4 albums, I'm kind of on the fence on that one.. The Knitters took a while off but in 2005 put out their 2nd album entitled "The Modern Sounds of the Knitters". Unfortunately for us all, I don't have this one yet nor have I heard it. if someone sends it my way, I'll put it up here on the double.Anyway, take the one you can get......It's a beauty.

Poor Little Critter on the Road

This gal here is my partner in crime and Darrylynn's mom, Dianna Lee. Today is her 30th birthday. It's unbelievable to me to sit here and think to myself that we've known each other for almost 15 years but 15 years it has been. Dianna graduated with her degree in Psychology this past summer after 5 long grueling years. We've been to hell and back through those last 5 years but we're still standing. Dianna, besides being an awesome mom also dedicates her love and energy working with 6 other children at work. She also organizes for the Student Peace Alliance of Rutland County(S.P.A.R.C.) and her and I "Counter Recruit" at local high schools and hand out literature to "targets" of the military and tell them the other side of the story that they don't get from those bastards. She's tireless and everyone that knows her knows that she would bend over backwards for a complete stranger. Fuck, most of the arguing that we do is me getting on her case for doing too much when I think she's being taken advantage of. You know, she's been dragged through the shit more than a lot of people will ever know and she still puts a smile on her face for everybody. People should be more like Dianna, really.

Dianna loves the Knitters and the Knitters love her. So all of you out there, wish her a happy birthday when you get a second.............Troy


toxik boys said...

kool site bro!
great stuff

Anonymous said...

happy birthday diana!
i have six days to get to nyc.... but hopefully i'll see you guys christmas evening??? 1 yr????????????????????????????? to da day? wtf i hope i make it, regardless, i'll see you soon. hope yr birthday is good, i'll look for a present on the road home.


Lo-Res Viscera said...

I'm a little late on this, but I just wanted to commend you on a heartfelt post.
Hope Dianna had a great B-day :)

Jason Lo-Res

Oldboy said...

Dianna rocks, hope she had a good 30th, and will hopefully be seeing you guys soon, maybe we should get together for New Years and have a couple, love Mattchew

Doug said...


Thanks for this.I had ripped my vinyl but it had a few clicks.It is good to hear a nice 320kbps CD rip.I searched around and found your blog.Looks like it is presently on hiatus.

I bought the second album.Also good.

X,The Blasters,The Knitters and all the great solo albums.Also many a great live show.I remember Billy Zoom swinging his guitar at a mosh pit spitter.Billy then left exit stage right but luckily he did return.

Dave Alvin(like Alejandro Escovedo) is an American musical treasure.

When I think of Dave Alvin I always think of bands like Los Lobos,Rank and File etc. The Slash Records bands.You may want to look into bands like The Dils and The Nuns.

The Best