Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can God Pull Teeth???????

It's Saturday morning and my weekend has officially begun. Today's post deals with something a bit different than anything I've uploaded so far. I give you a couple of Al Jourgenson's side projects. For those of you who are asking yourself who he is, Al is the mastermind between perhaps the most widely known Industrial band bar maybe Nine Inch Nails, the mighty Ministry. Now,I know that they haven't really put out anything worth a shit since the mid-nineties but there was a period between 1985 and around 1992-93 where Al Jourgenson had his hands in everything. Whether it was producing or Skinny Puppy's masterpiece "Rabies" or sending NIN on their way to stardom, he was everywhere and he involved himself with a ton of cool bands and musicians.

That's where Pailhead comes in. Along with Ministry alumni Bill Reiflin and Paul Barker and Naked Raygun's Eric Spicer, they teamed up with Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat to make a great ep called Trait. Though short, this record has some cool songs on it. Imagine a more punk rock Ministry with Ian singing. I really wore this one out as a teenager but recently reacquainted myself with it and still find it to be a good listen. Minor Threat fans should certainly check it out.


Equally notable and something I might just like better than Pailhead is Al Jourgenson's work with Jello Biafra,which goes by the name of Lard. Lard finds much more of the Ministry influence creeping in and Jello's voice does sometimes seem way out of place during the album,it's just that some of these songs will have you laughing out loud. If you listen to only one song the first time around,make it "Can God Pull Teeth". It's definitely my favorite on the album "The Last Temptation of Reid". I believe Lard released an album in the late nineties but haven't heard anything about them since.

The Power of Lard

The Last Temptation of Reid

Finally I give you,my favorite three Ministry albums just in case someone out there reading is into this kind of thing. I remember when I would meet older punks there would be no doubt that most of them had an open mind and would be into anything that was even a little out there. Now most of the punks I meet are into punk and nothing else. Some of the kids I looked up to most as a teenager loved Metal or Industrial music. Now if I dare mention a band like Skinny Puppy to someone,their nose goes up in the air quicker than shit. So like I said ,if your into it?????


The Land of Rape and Honey

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Road to Recovery.....

Welcome to Men's Recovery Project. Consisting of Sam McPheeters and Neil Burke of Born Against and a slew of other members coming and going,these guys put out a ton of shit.
Building off the rotting skeleton of their old band,they created a mayhem that was barely recognizable as hardcore but was definitely some sick stuff,full of electronic impulses and random direction. Then there was their live show,mostly done in some kind of getup and always looking like it was a whole lot of....uhh?
Here are two of their albums. They put out so many records I have never really been able to keep track of it.

Frank Talk About Humans

The Very Best of .........

One of these is an actual album while the other compiles some of their other stuff,from which records I have no clue.

Check out Sam's blog"The Loom of Ruin",you can find the link under the blogs section on the right of the page.

This post goes out to my man Matt Stoddard. Matt is easily the biggest Men's Recovery Project fan I know.I've known Matt since I was 14 and our bands used to play together at the old Harlequin Records in Rutland. He is one of my oldest friends and even though I don't see him nearly often enough,I think about him a lot. We have recorded with each other in the past and came out with some great shit. Hopefully there is more to come on that front....Matt is a great father and a pal anyone would be happy to have.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Trash is Free!!!!!

A Disclaimer: I'll apologize ahead of time to all MAC users for the WMA files on the 2 full length albums I am posting here. My converter's free trial ran out and I haven't had the chance to download a new one. I normally am very considerate of my choice of format so you'll have to bear with me here.The 2 7inches I post here are Mp3's and if anyone really wants the Lp's,email me and I'll send you a link after I have converted them.
As you can see from the flier to the right,today's post deals with Born Against. They were from NYC and were active from 1989 until 1993. The stalwarts were the infamous Sam McPheeters on vocals and Adam Nathanson as the steady guitarist. A revolving Rhythm section consisted of Neil Burke and Tonie Joy on bass,and Melissa Yorke and Brooks Headley on drums. McPheeters and Burke then went on to form the bizarre Men's Recovery Project. I'll post some stuff by them shortly but for now, bask in the greatness that is Born Against.
Spawned from a hardcore epoch that also produced legends like Rorschach,Nausea,and a bunch of others that frequented ABC No RIO,these guys have influenced countless bands and kids alike. they were one of NYC's finest and I wish I had their whole discography to share with you.
Here is what I have:
Self Titled 7inch(1990)

Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children(1991)

Split with Man is the Bastard(1994)

The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure(1995)

All of these are classics so be sure to download them all.Any fan of raw hardcore punk that hasn't heard these guys needs to quit fucking around and get on board.If someone has something that i haven't posted here,I want it. Send me a message and let's work something out. Check out Sam McPheeter's site here.
As for the rest of the Halloween stuff I mentioned a few posts ago,here is Elvira's Vinyl Macabre. It's got your more famous numbers like "Monster Mash" and "Purple People Eater" but the reason I post it is for the more obscure songs on the album.

Elvira's Vinyl Macabre

The last thing I must post is a version of the "Return of the Living Dead" soundtrack that I found that has bits and pieces of the great dialogue littered in between the tracks. It's quite an upgrade from the copy I've been listening to since high school. If you're a fan of the movie or just zombie films in general, don't miss out.

Return of the Living Dead

This is longtime favorite of mine with bands like: The Damned,T.S.O.L.,Tall Boys,45 Grave,The Cramps and a few more.You'll have to just get it to find out........Troy

Go see these guys.......

Cheers and thanks to Steve Hostile,bassist for The Hostiles and Cozi Come and good friend/ally of In Green Mountain Hell.
I have been reaching out to folks in different areas asking for show updates,but thus far I haven't heard from too many of you. I ask again for you all to help out because I don't have the time to fish them all out by myself.
So Steve,being the upright citizen he is, has informed me about 3 Hostiles shows on the horizon.
The first is this coming Saturday, Nov. 7th and it is a benefit for a 6 month old little boy named Blake that is battling Leukemia right now.
It starts at 5pm in Springfield,VT at the High School
and it costs $10. I know someone just groaned at the price but it is for a kid dying of a disease so don't be a bastard about it. There are 8 or 9 bands give or take a cancellation so it is definitely worth it.
The bands:The Hostiles,Danny Devita,Last Train Rollin',Lilum,Retro Stereo,The Intel,Modo forte,From Jupiter,and the most interesting sounding to me,Hammer Hands.
And if anyone is interested and has a ride,they can follow me out about 5 or 6 miles north of Springfield to my friend Matt Corliss's going away celebration. It's on his parents' land and it is sure to be a good time.
On November 15th,the Hostiles are playing at the West Rutland Town Hall. It is only $5 and it starts at 6pm sharp. The Bands:The Hostiles,Civil Insanity,'Til We Have Faces,Next Time We Talk,and Kevlar Tuxedo. And special guest Katherine Von Pisspants and her friend Jillian treating us to an acoustic performance,I can't wait to see that.
And the final of the three will be at Mill River High School. It starts at 6pm and is taking place on Dec. 13th. The bands as of now:The Hostiles,'til We Have Faces,Next Time We Talk and Sidewalk Chalk.
Some of you may already know this but Steve and I are writing some songs for a new band which I mentioned earlier,Cozi Come. We are still looking for a drummer but in the meantime we have some good stuff being churned out . We wrote a kick ass song last night that just needs a bit more arranging,kind of Born Against meets "Forward into Battle"era English Dogs. It's been fun and hopefully we can really get things going soon. So if anyone is interested in drumming for us,shoot me an

Monday, November 3, 2008

For Now.......

I'm beat and I'm not long for the night. It's only 8:42 but it feels like 2am. So, I'll postpone today's post until tomorrow and give you a couple of things I uploaded that I haven't used and didn't really have plans for.
First is the Terro-Rhythm Vol.3 comp. It contains 4 great Japanese Hardcore/Punk bands with multiple songs by each. They are Conga Fury,Swarrrm,Life,and Protess. They really isn't a bad song on the whole compilation but "Think About Death" by Conga Fury is my favorite. The most raging song I've heard in a while.

I also put up the brand new album by Norway's Dark Throne. Dark Thrones and Black Flags continues on in their more Motorhead-ish direction they have been experimenting with on the last few albums they have. I half expected it to get weaker as the songs went on but it really didn't. It stays pretty consistent and I really recommend it for their old fans that have become disillusioned with them.

Terro-Rhythm Vol. 3

Dark Thrones and Black Flags

Things should be back to normal tomorrow,I'm calling it a night. Tune in tomorrow..........Troy

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Residuals.............Take#2

Here's another piece of history for you.History, kind of the way you might begin to assess or describe anything worth checking out in Glenn Danzig's span of output. I'll assume Samhain isn't news to anyone that found there way here. I am a Misfit's fan until the end and I can get into the first 31/2 Danzig albums,I even love some of them,but when I think of big Glenn, Samhain is what really gets me going. I love it all and my favorites are Initium and Unholy Passion.
Songs like Archangel and Hungry End just make me feel like an awkward little fuck of 16 years of age with the shittiest devil lock you've ever seen in your life. Those were the days.
So here are the two fore a mentioned albums,that's what you get because I can't find my copy of November Coming Fire and I never got around to buying that box set. So if anyone out there wants to burn or upload a copy of it,I got a ton of shit ready to trade,shoot me a message.

Get these if you don't already have them.................................

Initium and Unholy Passion

Also in another unrelated note, Cosmic Hearse posted a record from Philadelphia's YDI, It was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning,this band fucking rocks. So get going and go download this and tell Aesop I sent you. And check out the rest of the blog if you have a minute or 2, there ain't much better out there.

Get your YDI here...................................................Troy