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From Enslavement to Exaltation................

(There are many different versions of the beginnings of this band,this is just how i have come to understand it, so here goes nothing. ) Way back when, in the rainy ,industrial city of Birmingham,England,around 1983, three teenage lads by the names of Nik Bullen,Mick Harris,and last but not least Justin Broadrick were listening to a lot of Killing Joke,Crass, and early Amebix.
Clearly inspired by the fast-growing Anarchist Punk movement,these young men decided it was right time to get involved and start their own band. They released a few demos recorded at various rehearsal sessions and released them under various monikers such as Political Unrest ,Undead Hatred,and Civil Defence. In 1985,they released the excellent but very raw Hatred Surge tape under the now famous name Napalm Death.
Some of you probably know the Napalm Death of the mid to late nineties and 21st century that released a slew of mediocre and downright boring albums ad nauseum.
But back in '85,these guys were writing some of the most pissed,nihilistic,and discordant songs that had been heard at the time. On this tape,you can really here the origins of Justin Broadrick's guitar style that is better known on his abundance of later projects,most notably Godflesh and currently Jesu.
Download this great tape here.
About a year later,they released the From Enslavement to Obliteration demo, not to be confused with their later landmark album of the same name. On this tape
you can begin to hear the grind influence gradually creeping it's way in. A lot of the songs on here are reworked versions of the Hatred Surge songs, with faster drums and more manic riffing.
I think of this as the missing link between their earlier more punk rock songs and the territory they were about to unleash on the world. Get the From Enslavement to Obliteration demo here.
This is where the whole lineup thing gets a little messy. In 1987, they released the mighty Scum LP. Regarded by many to be the definitive origin of the grindcore genre(this fact is also debated by just as many), the band had at this point left most of their punk rock leanings behind musically(not so much lyrically and thematically), to adopt a blazingly primitive brutal sound that still holds up great to my ears to this day. That says a lot,considering all the absolutely shitty,generic,and mostly horrible grind bands out there today. This LP features the original lineup only on the first side. The second side features Bill Steer(of Carcass fame)on guitar and Lee Dorian(Cathedral,Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine) on vocals.Like i said in the beginning, the chronology of membership in this band is quite messy but if you are interested,search here.
Download the Scum Lp here.
Napalm Death
went on to put out some really good to excellent recordings such as the pummeling From Enslavement To Obliteration LP,the brutal Mentally Murdered Ep, a few splits with Electro Hippies, John Zorn and S.O.B.,and in my opinion their last good album,1992's Harmony Corruption.
These are all available on other blogs if you want to seek them out. I recommend that you do.I just decided to stick with the releases with J. Broadrick so I could fit the following album in.Life is Easy by Fall of Because(named for a Killing Joke song) is definitely one of my absolute favorite albums,period. Taking the dissonant guitar sound from the Napalm Death demos to it's next step before perfecting it during his days with the legendary Godflesh,this record just rules.

Get Life is easy by Fall of Because

And finally, for those that would like to hear what it sounded like when Nik Bullen,Mick Harris,and Justin Broadrick reunited in 1992,I present you with the final offering of the post,the twisted Scorn "Vae Solis"Lp.

Get Vae Solis here.

That is it for today. I hope you dig all this stuff. Remember,I REALLY WANT TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK ON THESE POSTS!!! no matter late you get around to it!!!!Please comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out these Napalm Death videos:

A Quick History


If the Truth be Known

Unchallenged Hate

Without Further Ado!!!!!!!

I present to you: Wallingford,VT's very own "THE HOSTILES".
Now those of us around the Rutland area know these guys are damn near celebrities in these parts and most of us probably have their new album"Push and Pull", there may be,just maybe a few lonely souls that haven't gotten in on this yet. Despite all this, I figured now was as good a time as any to post this. I have gotten to know Steve a little better lately and can attest he is one of the nicest kids you'll meet these days,just full of sugar and good intentions. Anyway, back to the band.What you get is one part Operation Ivy,One part Vandals and about a hundred parts Leftover Crack.Sound good to you?? What's that? Not sure yet,eh??? Well give these songs a listen. Get them here.
If you dig these,there are a lot more where these came from. The Cd has 18 songs in all,so that is about 12 you are missing if you don't get a copy. shoot Steve a message if you are swayed.
You can also catch them live quite often actually,check their link above for details on upcoming shows that you can find them at.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It is late notice and all but I figured i would give one last effort for folks that may be interested. You all probably know Jonee Earthquake Band by now,so you must know they are alot of fun...................

HOSTILES songs from their Push and Pull Cd coming tomorrow. I am only giving you 5 or 6 of them so please get a hold of them and buy it. They put it out themselves and still are in debt because of it. No profiting from you,just sharing their songs. Again,check for this tomorrow along with some old U.K. anarcho punk........Troy

Suburban Showdown

The first post for a local band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have Suburban Showdown from Dover,NH. They are a 3 piece and they play epic, galloping D-Beat that kind of reminds me of a cross of England's Hellkrusher and Montreal's Born Dead Icons. These are a couple of songs off their forthcoming split LP with Distress from the Soviet Union. They are "Another Tree,Another Dollar","Shows ruined by Thugs",and "Society" You can sample these songs here.
This should be out by the end of this year or the beginning of 2009. When it comes,you can contact Tino(their Drummer and Bassist for Jonee Earthquake Band)at Subterranean Records.
Suburban Showdown also has a split ep with Brazil's very own Besthoven.
You can get that at the Subterranean Records link while supplies last.
Also, check out the flyer on the uper right corner here. That goes down this Sunday. Try to make it. It should be a great show.............Thanks to Tino for the songs. Give him some feedback if you can find the time.

From Glasgow to Edinburgh

I wanna start this off with a thanks to Tino from Suburban Showdown for getting those songs to me so quickly.Everyone can expect some S.S. songs over the weekend.
Todays' post is a little bit bigger than I originally intended.I had settled on a Scotland theme and whittled that down to Disaffect and Oi Polloi. Then I thought,I really can't post Disaffect without adding some Sedition as well. So here we go now.
The Disaffect part here is easy. You get the discography which contains all the songs from the "Chained to Morality"LP among other things. This is fast as fuck. Don't miss out....Get It!!

As for Oi Polloi,their extensive track record would not allow me to give you all of it,so I whittled it down to my 3 favorite releases from 3 different eras. First is the "Fight Back" LP from 1994.
You can download that here.
This is Oi Polloi at their rawest and has classics like Boot Down the Door and You Cough they Profit. Next is the "Fuaim Cautha" LP from 1999. This is bit more melodic than Fight Back and you will find that some of the songs are a whole lot faster. That is here.
The final Oi Polloi release I will share with you today is the "Let the Boots Do the Talking" Ep.
This 7inch combines the rawness of Fight Back with some of the great riffing on Fuaim Cautha and although it is fairly short with only five songs, it's my favorite of the three.
You will find that here.
Lastly, I offer Glasgow's Sedition. This is their "Earthbeat "LP. Much like Disaffect but with
more of a tribal/pagan feel with great sound clips at the beginning of the songs. That is here.
Members of Disaffect and Sedition later went on to form Scatha.
The last thing I would like to share with you is the website for Flat Earth Records.
They are no longer a label but still exist as a distribution. All of the bands you have found on this post have releases on the label and they carry stuff by acts such as:Doom,Ebola,Witchknot,Los Crudos,Voorhees,Umlaut,Spazm 151,Headache,etc.
They also have tons of Mp3's that you can sample from most of their out of print releases. Believe me when I say that these guys released some of the best crust/hardcore/punk that the world will ever have seen. Please visit their page when you get a free second. And please leave comments if you download this stuff.I really would like to know what you thought about these bands.
Have a good one......................................................Troy

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slacker Uprising showing at Unitarian Church in Rutland,VT

On Tuesday,October 14th,Central Vermont Peace and Justice will be showing the new Michael Moore movie. It will be at the Unitarian Church on West St. in Rutland. It is free but donations are welcome as always. Come and check it out if you have nothing better to do. It is always nice when the crowd at these things doesn't look like the Bingo club at a fucking Nursing home. So please come out.Dianna,Steve Hostile and I are going.Meet us there!!!!!!!!!!!........Troy

For a description of the movie,go here.

David Jacobs,Thank you

If you all haven't noticed yet, yesterday's edition of the Herald had an editorial by Rutland's very own David Jacobs. It is in response to all the negativity we have received from the Sept.27th show we had in the park. You can read that here.
Please comment here(and at the Rutland Herald page)if you have time. There is an active discussion going on over there so make sure you give the ones who are complaining about a totally civil fucking show in Rutland,well just tell them what you thing of their fucking square ways!!!!!!!!
Thank you,Troy

Coming soon-A Hostiles post and some of Scotland's finest thrash...............


If you are looking for shows,check out the venue listings for schedules. I will be adding to this regularly. Email me if you want me to do a post for a gig your band is playing. The one that comes to mind right now is in Brattleboro this Saturday. Be there if you can.

I would also like to take time to thank everyone that showed up at the park show on September 27th. It was a blast. And a very special thanks goes to local Folk musician,Phil Henry, for his donation of equipment. It's not the first time he has helped us out,so thank the man the next time you see him.
There will be a show at the Unitarian Church in the works shortly. Stay tuned..........

Local Bands

If you want your music on this site, there are a couple ways you can get that done.
1.You can upload it yourself on a file sharing site(Mediafire/Zshare/etc.) and send me the URL
2.You can email me the Mp3's via You send it or a different way to your liking
3.Give it to me the next time you see me,if possible.

Any questions,just email me at

We'll work it out. If you want to just put a couple of songs to sample and a link to where people can get a copy of your release,that is just fine............Troy

An Unstoppable Scourge

Here is my initial offering to you. The United Kingdom's EBOLA. Ebola was a later incarnation of a bunch of Bradford U.K. bands,Generic and One By One to name a couple of them,both of them great in their own right.Anyway, I post this in particular to please both the Punks and Hessians alike. This particular release is called the Imprecation EP. It has nine songs, all of them short and sweet. I also have their Incubation LP and their split LP with Jinn,who happen to be the next stop in their evolution. For some more info on Ebola, check out the Gibboncore link down on the right.
Otherwise, get this .......................Here

Alpha Post

Hello Everybody, welcome to In Green Mountain Hell. For those of you who don't know me,my name is Troy. This is my attempt at developing a sort of database and conduit for D.I.Y. musicians and other folks in Vermont and the immediate surrounding area. I will be posting music,show listings,writings,movies and other updates for everyone who would like to read this regularly. I find this a bit more convenient than working with paper zines,for one because I won't see you all very often for obvious geographical reasons and also, let's face it,alot of you spend too much time online anyway. So, i will contact as many people as possible and will flyer and such to spread the word around and get people checking this thing. Anything goes really, send me show updates,record release updates,website URL's,etc. If you are hitchhiking and need a ride,send me an email and I will post your info. Car get the idea I hope. I will do my best to moderate and with your help, let us make this a great resource for us all. On top of all this, I will be posting music from non local artists as well,so check these bands out as well........
As far as contacts, you can see I have begun adding links to local bands and venues. If you don't see your band or showspace,email me. This is in no way an insult to anybody,I want to include everyone who wants to be involved. Check out the other links as well. There are some great bands and other blogs and resources/labels as well......If I forgot anything...........maybe next time.................STAY TUNED FOR FREE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Comment,Comment,Comment!!!