Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Before he made his presence known in Napalm Death, Fall of Because, and Godflesh, Justin Broadrick had a fruitful obsession with his Brian Eno and Throbbing Gristle records. Man, it's been a dreary couple of days up here in Vermont. Final is my soundtrack to a good session of gazing out the window and watching the rain splatter the road. Every year, I just know when it's time to dig out the album One and let it take over.

One part 1

One part 2

Final, for years, was something that just seeped through the cracks of all the Godflesh albums and the plethora of other J.K. Broadrick side projects that have been born throughout the years. Thanks to Neurot Recordings and most notably Steve Von Till, Final has bloomed into a more regular sort of twin to Jesu. I haven't heard any Final albums besides One and Solaris, so if anyone wants to trade, I have a ton of stuff uploaded and I'd be glad to help you out too.

Solaris part 1

Solaris part 2

There are so many "Ambient" albums out there and I know a lot of you probably cringe at that term anyway but I must tell you, Solaris is really good, One is the perfect album everyone dreams of making........................Troy

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