Friday, October 10, 2008

From Glasgow to Edinburgh

I wanna start this off with a thanks to Tino from Suburban Showdown for getting those songs to me so quickly.Everyone can expect some S.S. songs over the weekend.
Todays' post is a little bit bigger than I originally intended.I had settled on a Scotland theme and whittled that down to Disaffect and Oi Polloi. Then I thought,I really can't post Disaffect without adding some Sedition as well. So here we go now.
The Disaffect part here is easy. You get the discography which contains all the songs from the "Chained to Morality"LP among other things. This is fast as fuck. Don't miss out....Get It!!

As for Oi Polloi,their extensive track record would not allow me to give you all of it,so I whittled it down to my 3 favorite releases from 3 different eras. First is the "Fight Back" LP from 1994.
You can download that here.
This is Oi Polloi at their rawest and has classics like Boot Down the Door and You Cough they Profit. Next is the "Fuaim Cautha" LP from 1999. This is bit more melodic than Fight Back and you will find that some of the songs are a whole lot faster. That is here.
The final Oi Polloi release I will share with you today is the "Let the Boots Do the Talking" Ep.
This 7inch combines the rawness of Fight Back with some of the great riffing on Fuaim Cautha and although it is fairly short with only five songs, it's my favorite of the three.
You will find that here.
Lastly, I offer Glasgow's Sedition. This is their "Earthbeat "LP. Much like Disaffect but with
more of a tribal/pagan feel with great sound clips at the beginning of the songs. That is here.
Members of Disaffect and Sedition later went on to form Scatha.
The last thing I would like to share with you is the website for Flat Earth Records.
They are no longer a label but still exist as a distribution. All of the bands you have found on this post have releases on the label and they carry stuff by acts such as:Doom,Ebola,Witchknot,Los Crudos,Voorhees,Umlaut,Spazm 151,Headache,etc.
They also have tons of Mp3's that you can sample from most of their out of print releases. Believe me when I say that these guys released some of the best crust/hardcore/punk that the world will ever have seen. Please visit their page when you get a free second. And please leave comments if you download this stuff.I really would like to know what you thought about these bands.
Have a good one......................................................Troy

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