Monday, November 24, 2008

Possessed to Fuck!!!!!!

There you go....You can't fucking miss that one. Kind of slaps you right across the face from the get go. Wu Tang Clan came and went with a whimper and today you get what I wanted to post yesterday. Seriously, this stuff is the best thing I've heard in a while and they go by the G.I.S.M. inspired moniker Syphilitic Vaginas( if you don't know G.I.S.M., email me and I'll get you up to speed!!!). Syphilitic Vaginas pull together the best parts of my favorite Japanese bands. They combine the wickedness and oddity of G.I.S.M. with the speed and metal of Jurassic Jade. They exude the anthemic pounding of Crow and the bleeding noise saturated rage of Framtid. I hear the hypnotism of Zouo's "Final Agony" forcing its' way through quite often and that is to say the least. They are the perfect Frankenstein's Monster of Japanese Punk and Metal and that's without mentioning the hints of Iron Maiden, Tank,and Bathory they throw at you. And I challenge each and every one of you to tell me that you don't hear "Shout at the Devil" era Motley Crue when you listen to the song "In Devil Night". Go on,refute it!!! I could go off forever because I'm hyped as a motherfucker over this band right now. Really, they are the kind of band you hear and you feel like you should just burn your guitar, because you just aren't going to write riffs this good in such frequency. They are so fucking sick and the solos are just as fucking wicked!!!!!!
Rumor has it,I'm told, that they might not even be Japanese but I've found any information about them few and far between which actually is alright by me. The mystery just makes it sound that much better.
You've got to hear this!!! It's everything they've released so far so make sure you download both parts:35 songs in all.

Syphilitic Vaginas Discography Part 1

Syphilitic Vaginas Discography Part 2

I don't know if they are still active so keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming releases and let me know if you hear of any. There is a song on their Myspace page that is supposedly from an upcoming split but we'll see............. Listen to it here.

And like a dumbass, I left out the part of the Wu Tang Clan post that made me want to do it in the first place. so here are two parts to an interview from their early days. Get down with the O.D.B.

Wu Tang Clan interview Part 1

Wu Tang Clan interview Part 2

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have. It just doesn't get any better than this................Troy

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