Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Jab and then the Hook.....

In Viridis Mons Montis Abyssus has been around for around 2 months now, which isn't really too noteworthy when you line it up with some of the others out there. The reason I mention this is that despite my sparse posts the last week, I am starting to actually get the interaction I was hoping for. Unintentionally, the Noothgrush and Ahisma posts actually put me in touch with some folks I hadn't heard from in years, not to mention a ton of other new allies. It hasn't had quite the local bend I had envisioned but I do know of a good amount of VT readers,the bands will make it up eventually. So this is a thank you to everyone that linked me up and to those who have sent me music or have just given me the go ahead to share their stuff. Tino, Steve, Will, Aesop, Chiyo, Shelley, Tony, Zeb, and anyone else that is slipping my mind......Thank you!!!!

Speaking of Tony, he is one of two bassists in Pennsylvania's Mancruel. They are a three piece and they play fuzzed out lo-fi groove filled shit. They obviously love Man is the Bastard, Neanderthal, and Black Sabbath. They kind of remind me of some of Siege's slower parts too. The recording sounds like it was made on a 4 track and that is perfect for these songs. These songs are form a split tape with Malaysia's SMG.
So please give them a bit of your time,the songs will only run you about 11 minutes, and then send Tony a message through the link above and tell him if you love it or hate or if you just didn't give a fuck. Feedback is the name of the game................

Split tape with SMG

Thanks to all you guys who leave comments......Stay tuned for some more Oakland Crust tomorrow.............Troy

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dr.grinder said...

hello can you post smg stuff from the split with mancruel please... check my blog
see you later