Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Behold.....The "Hellion"

Big Problem Does Not Equal The Solution. The Solution=Let It Be

Now there is an ambiguous name for an album if ever there was one.I bet most of you didn't realize Crispin"Hellion"Glover ever put out a record. I sure as hell didn't until I noticed on my friend Matt's shelf last Friday night. Say what you want about the mans acting skills, but River's Edge is a classic and that movie probably sucks with anybody else filling that role.
Big Problem Does Not Equal The Solution.The Solution=Let It Be is a mish mash of readings from a few of Crispin's many books, a Charles Manson cover, a Lee Hazelwood cover, and a couple other surprises. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the whole package lies in the interactive attempt that's made with the back cover art. an excerpt from Crispin's Wikipedia page explains:
"The back cover of the album is a collage of figures relating to each track on the album, with a puzzle: "All words and lyrics point to THE BIG PROBLEM. The solution lay within the title; LET IT BE. Crispin Hellion Glover wants to know what you think these nine things all have in common." He included his home phone number with copies of the album, encouraging listeners to phone when they had "solved" his puzzle. Glover later commented that he was surprised how many people figured it out."
And almost as weird for the solitary fact that Slayer and the Wipers share the same stage for the soundtrack, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to include the music from River's Edge.
The movie, although ultimately fictitious,is loosely based on the murder of 14 year old girl Marcy Conrad. Marcy was strangled by Anthony Jacques Broussard in Milpitas, California on November 13th, 1981. It seems the 16 year old kid was a bit twisted and had made several attempts at his mother's life prior. The parallel lies in the fact that in both the movie and actuality, the killer shows the body to his friends who respond with callousness. In both cases, while killer's close friends help conceal the body and show genuine interest in their friends' deteriorating innocence, they at the same time went and boasted to others and treated the corpse like a museum. I don't really know why I went so far into this, so while I'm drawing a blank, just go ahead and check out the soundtrack:

River's Edge Soundtrack

For those of you that might be interested in pretty decent synopsis of the Crispin Glover album, here is a page I found that gives a little history on it's creation as well as a couple of his music videos....... here .................................Troy


Oldboy said...

Yeah Troy, glad you found this on my shelf, I thought you knew about it. I was obsessed with Crispin for awhile, I have seen some of his lesser known movies like Rubin and Ed, which is the character in some of the pictures on this album, with the nerd glasses and bell bottoms in the desert. I used to listen to this album as a teenager, love it. Still waiting for his unreleased movie to come out, called "What is it" he has been touring the country showing it, I think he is having trouble finding a company to release it. I t stars a bunch of down syndrome kids, and a white guy in black face make-up,go figure,he worked on it for years.

brekinapez said...

I used to play the cd at work after closing, during clean-up. Some of my staff got it, the others wondered what that stupid shit was I was playing.

Loved it on Letterman when he nearly kicked Dave's face in with those rockin' shoes.

RyGar said...

Damn! I just discovered this and was way looking forward to posting it. I just re-watched River's Edge last week, and my interest in Crispin was piqued anew. I'm really stoked on the "New Clean Song". I could do w/o the schlocky rap song about jerking off, though. I'll point people this way.