Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Damage to the Mask

Painkiller,formed in 1991 by the threesome of John Zorn,
Bill Laswell,and Mick Harris and joined by guests such as
Justin Broadrick(Godflesh,Fall of Because,etc.),Yamatsuka Eye(Boredoms,Hanatarashi),Mike Patton(Fantomas,Faith No More,Tomahawk,etc.),Buckethead,Makigami Koichi,and
Keiji Haino. John Zorn played the saxophone. Bill Laswell
played the bass and Mick Harris did what Mick Harris does
playing his manic drums. This bands' studio recordings are
an absolute mess though that is precisely why I love them.
Today you get the Painkiller: Collected Works box set. It contains their

first two albums Guts of a Virgin and Buried Secrets
and a bunch of other shit as well. If you can conjure the ferocity of Scum era Napalm Death inseminated with colliding streams of banshee like saxophone assault,
you haven't even begun to imagine this.

This is Bill O'Reilly's soundscape to his worst fucking nightmare.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.


Anonymous said...

This is such cool stuff, to anyone who this is completely new to, like myself. The squeals of the saxophone add such a chaotic element to the music and it is some of the angriest stuff you can imagine.

ido said...

Holy fuck, this is awesome. Really enjoy Zorn's work. Although I'm not such a big fan of Laswell in general.