Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dark Side of their Mind

I''ll tell you right off the bat that though I have been a fan of this great German band since my high school days,any real concrete history to do with them has eluded me still. I picked up a copy
from an old Rutland punk back around '96.
The albums name was Open Eyes,Open Ears,Brains to Think and Mouth to Speak. As great in my opinion as anything Minor Threat or any other now well known U.S.hardcore bands,this is one of those records that I really allowed to shape my being back then. I loved it that much.

So,without much at all to say about these guys,I present the Upright Citizens,who was by my standard the best German punk band of the '80's.
Here are their first five releases in chronological order.

Bombs of Peace 12"

Make the Future Mine and Yours LP

Open Eyes.....LP

Facts and Views 7"

Kiss me Now 12"

This one goes out to Michael Manfredi,my partner in crime back then(and now,you just can't get rid of some people!!!),who was with me the first time we heard this. One of those first time listens that you never forget.....

They had 2 other 7inches after this. Good luck finding them because I sure as hell can't.

I will post some videos I dug up a bit later....Troy


Aesop said...

Sweet. They were a great band.

TMM said...

Yes,have you heard those last records they put out?