Monday, October 13, 2008

No, The World weren't Pretty back in '78

Meet the one and only Wards!!!!! Formed in the summer of 1978 by Tea Curley and Beano Parker up in Burlington. Influenced by the Dead Boys among others,they recorded the songs for their first release "The World ain't Pretty and Neither are We" around 1981 but due to financial hangups,the record never saw the light of day 'til '83.This Ep has some great raw tuneless punk rock and overall all the songs are decent,though I must say,the opener "Weapons Factory" is far and away the best song this band ever wrote. Get this here.

In 1984, The Wards headed back to the studio to record their first full length. Recorded by Lou Giordano,who had already made a name for himself recording Boston legends SS Decontrol and The Proletariat, thay released this on tape taht same year. Titled, Ripped off in Boston, it got it's name for the sole reason being that their van was stolen from Kenmore square during the sessions. While I don't dig it quite as much as their first record, it still is a good listen in continuance. You can rip this off here.
In addition to these,they released another 7inch named "Don't Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II. I have never heard it but there is testament speaking of a track called "Spray Children" that is considered by some to be their best song. Couldn't tell you but if you have this in digital format,get in touch so I can put it up here.
The Wards are still going strong and their next show that I know of is on November 15th at 8pm at the "Thrashin Fashion show at the VFW in Winooski,VT.

Check out this video:

Live in 1996

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Anonymous said...

Damn hahahah I didn't know the Wards had so much history! We've played with them a few times but I've never seen any like, actual recordings or albums of theirs besides the songs they've had posted.