Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Perfect but Unlikely Match.

Honestly,the real reason for this post is that I have been looking for a reason to use this Black Flag hair cartoon forever. And since I have been a fan of Saint Vitus since I swiped a copy of their tape Hallow's Victim out of the bargain bin at NRM when I was 16 and there is a lot of great footage from this one show in Ontario,Canada back in 1984 , I am going to capitalize on someone else's hardwork and link you to these videos. They are from Scott Reager's first tenure with the band and the sound quality is shockingly excellent. Check out the intensity of Saint Vitus's guitarist Dave Chandler. He is one of my heroes. Also at this show were the mighty Black Flag and I rounded up all the videos from this show I could find. This is actually the best footage of Henry Rollins I can remember seeing.
In no particular order........

Saint Vitus videos:

War is Our Destiny
White Stallions
Saint Vitus
White Magic/Black Magic
Zombie Hunger
Hallow's Victim
Pray(er) For the Masses

Black Flag videos:

My War
Can't Decide
Nervous Breakdown
Rise Above
Slip It In
Jealous Again
Police Story
Wound Up


Veggie Burger said...

I thought both Greg and Henry's hair got longer, throughout the band's existence. I mean with Greg, it makes sense with all the pot he was smoking. He was clearily inspired by Grateful Dead.

TMM said...

Notice the timeline only goes til' 1981

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise! I love Saint Vitus and the sound quality of those videos is amazing !