Friday, October 24, 2008

Here's one for Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the remains of Denmark's Amdi Peterson's Arme, come the infectious Gorilla Angreb. Dead themselves for just over a year now,they had a great run while it lasted. They played some very catchy melodic punk that isn't terribly far off from what X was doing in the early '80's, excluding the fact that everything is sung in Danish. Ahhh, a Danish X, not so far fetched when you hear it, some of you may actually prefer it after a couple listens. X wrote some classics but Gorilla Angreb were far from slouches,especially on their final Lp "Bedre Tider." I've included everything I've got by 'em here. I figured I wouldn't waste your time in asking for more when you get hooked on it.

Here are all of their records in order...............


Self titled ep

Split 7" with Lokum

Aborted 2000 ep

Long Island ep

Bedre Tider

They also put out a discography CD earlier this year with this stuff and a couple of unreleased songs. If anybody has this or can send me a link I would really like to hear it.

Now Gorilla Angreb is a great band in all but it just wouldn't be right if I didn't give thanks to one of my favorite people I know.........................................Mr. Nick Welch

I had the pleasure to befriend Nick throughout the last year and I spent the better part of 2008 with him. Nick turned me on to Gorilla Angreb and a bunch of other stuff that I now really enjoy and cherish. Nick is off again roaming around the country and Dianna and I hope you mosey back home to Vermont where you belong sooner than later. To quote the great Robert Anton Wilson," Nick is a real good shit, just a real good shit"

Dianna,Darrylynn and I miss you buddy. Stay happy, you little malcontent, and call us when you get the chance.

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Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the demo and "Bedre Tider"!
The little note to Nick was pretty cool too, when he comes back up here, I hope to get to know him better as well...I only got to run into him a few times.