Monday, October 20, 2008

A long day late..........

Up until now,I've done my best to post stuff that I thought might be new to kids around here but yesterday being Sunday and all I thought it was as good a time as any to put some Slayer on the table.
Now I know that there isn't too many punks,or anyone else for that matter, that hasn't encountered this band on some level in their day.These guys have been around for a long time,sold millions of records and have been filling arenas on name alone for as long as most people can remember. The only problem is that they haven't put out a decent album in over 15 years. The last one that I could actually stand at all was Seasons in the Abyss and
that was weak sans Dead Skin Mask.
The thing is,there was a time when this band actually seemed dangerous,way back before the L.A.Raiders jersey and Sweat Pant wearin', Kerry King with a bald head and ugly goatee,Tom Araya needin' distortion on his vocals,Dave Lombardo not wanting anything to with these guys days. Before 1986, they just plain ruled.Their first two albums Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits along with the ep Haunting the Chapel are some of the best early '80's thrash there ever was. Whether it was their imagery or stories like Tom Araya pissing in Cronos from Venom's face,they just had an air about them that has been gone for what seems like forever.
So all you punks out there that have avoided this band like the plague because of misconceptions you may have developed,here is your chance to hear what you've been missing without spending a dime because if you like fast as fuck thrashy shit, there wasn't much better than this back then. In order of release:

Show No Mercy(1983)

Haunting the Chapel(1984)

Live Undead(1984)

Hell Awaits(1985)

and for all those that are still not convinced,here is Undisputed Attitude,their punk covers album.(and yes they do cover three,count 'em three,Minor Threat songs.

Get these while they last because knowing these guys, they probably have watchdogs that snuff links like these out when found.

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