Thursday, November 20, 2008

90 Minutes in Green Mountain Hell

It's Thursday and it seems like this week has really flown by for some reason. The weather has been bitter and I can't very well remember exactly what I've done with my week.
The Gummo soundtrack went over real well??? Only 1 person wanted to hear it? Really? Well if you haven't heard it yet, that's your loss I guess, you know where to find it if you change your mind.
Today I'm trying something a little different and I'm posting some ranting by one of mine and lots of other people's favorite deceased human beings, Charles Bukowski. No not the bassist from Black Flag, smart ass.
I mean the handsome devil you see right above.
Honestly, I could ramble and fawn on and on about the man but I can't really do justice, you're on your own in that regard.
Do yourself a favor and go to the nearest half way decent bookstore near you and nab as many of his books as they've got. I suggest you start with "Post Office" or "Women" if you're shooting for novels but his short stories and poetry, yes poetry, are great too. Remember kids, don't get caught.
Charles Bukowski's 90 Minutes In Hell

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Oldboy said...

Bukowski by far one of my favorite writers of all time. He writes straightforward, streetlevel dirty beauty and ugly social experience. He was a nasty old fuck witha heart of gold, never get tired of rereading his shit, he makes me wanna drink though!