Monday, November 17, 2008

Like a Naked Nun

Today's guest In Green Mountain Hell is a bit of a mystery. First off, you don't really run into many people that have heard this band. Second, you meet even fewer who have heard of them,even the almighty and omniscient Google doesn't give you much to work with on this one. Personally, I ordered a tape by the Smartpils when I was 17 for the sole fact that I had heard that there was a relative Amebix connection going on. Turns out some of Amebix's former members were in Zygote with the Smartpils' bassist, Tim Crow(Who also was in the great band Bad Influence). That sounds about right to me?
Anyway, like I said, I was turned on to this band by chance but fell immediately in love with the songs on their most well known release,No Good No evil. It was arguably the best $2 bucks I've ever spent.
I searched in vain for years trying to get more stuff by them and I've heard they have another LP named "Open Mind Surgery" that was released on Bluurg records in the mid eighties, but I have come up empty every time. I was able to dig up a couple of demos, one from 1983 and another from the following year though any information on these has been beyond minimal and trying to find it has been pretty much a waste of time.
Smartpils are simply beautiful. There are two female vocalists,as far as I can tell, and their voices weave together in a most hypnotic way. Not to say that they aren't aggressive, they are just exactly what the music needs. The recording is one of my favorites from the time period and this is just one of those records that affects much more than your ears. I would change nothing about it.
So on top of wanting to share this with the unfortunate souls who haven't been introduced, this is certainly a selfish cry of my own for some light shone on this band. If anyone can hook me up with any recordings that aren't here or even some stories about the band, I will try like a fucker to return the favor your way. So leave a comment or email me:

No Good, No Evil

1983 Demo

1984 Demo

If you are a fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees' early stuff but with a much noisier and driving sound, you have to take a second to hear this, I recommend this as highly as anything you'll see on this blog................................................Troy


Anonymous said...

So far I've only been able to give "No Good, No Evil" a listen but this is really sickkk!

It's really kind of weird that they aren't well known at all, they seem like they would or should be!

I'll look forward to getting to listen to the other two demos tomorrow when I'm home from school!

TMM said...

see you tomorrow Steve.....Troy