Monday, October 27, 2008

Cool as Shit.....They're Cool as Shit..... YEAH!!

They're not State of Alert,they're not Void,not Faith,Teen Idles,and they are certainly not Minor Threat,but for my 2 cents,Roadmap To Revolution by Bloody Mannequin Orchestra is THE album I would pick if I suddenly had to choose a keeper from the annals of early eighties D.C. punk rock,hypothetically speaking of course. Taped from a tape of another tape off yet another one,this record was the source of much joy and smiles for me and most of my good friends.
B.M.O. ,they just aren't worth describing here, you all just need to get this and see for yourselves. I gave a copy of this to Steve from The Hostiles a couple months back,ask him if it ain't one of the best things he's ever heard. Roadmap to Revolution is here.
Attention paid to this band in the internet is few and far between.Actually,before yesterday morning,all I had to give was that their drummer went on to play in Dag Nasty with Brian Baker from Minor Threat and that they played a gig with Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and got all of their equipment destroyed in the process.
If you folks want to hear a more articulate story about this band,some very cool soul took the time to put a tribute page on myspace. You can get to it here.
That's that.....I left something out from the Gorilla Angreb post that I wanted to share with everyone. These are the links to some great pictures of them playing live and such from Lowcut zine. Part1 is here,if you want the rest they are here.
Jake,here you go old buddy.............this is for you........


Anonymous said...

YES! Some great stuff! Glad to see this stuff up the day I can get back to checking In Green Mountain Hell!

Anonymous said...

Troy, old friend...yup.