Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From the Home of Michael Moore.................

From the now notorious city of Flint, Michigan come one of the greats, Repulsion. Starting out as the generically named "Genocide",playing covers of well known thrash metal bands,lineup changes plagued the band and after recording a demo or two,they called it quits in 1984. After briefly moving to Florida for a quick stint in the legendary death metal group Death, bassist/vocalist Scott Carlson and guitarist Matt Olivo migrated back to 'ol Michigan with the intent to reform Genocide. After recruiting local punk Dave"Grave" Hollingshead ,named for getting busted by police for digging up graves in a local cemetery, as their new drummer and picking up Aaron Freeman on the 2nd guitar, they recorded the super tight "Violent Death" demo.
Changing their name to Repulsion in 1986,they recorded what was meant to be their debut LP called "The Stench of Burning Death". This is where the band really started to come into their own with their apocalyptic and gruesome lyrics, ripping guitar riffs,and some of the most tight drumming there was at the time or since. Considered by many as one of the pioneers of grindcore,along with Napalm Death,
these guys just couldn't survive themselves and called it quits shortly after this demo came out.
In 1989,Bill Steer of Carcass fame released a posthumous collection named "Horrified" that consisted of some of the bands earlier recordings. Revived interest in the band led to a reunion followed by some more demos and the "Excruciation" single released by Relapse records. The band broke up again in 1993 and Scott Carlson went on to play in Cathedral for a bit while the rest of them went back to everyday life.
5 years ago Relapse reissued "Horrified" as a 2 Cd set: The LP on Disc 1 and all of their demos on Disc 2. Don't miss out on this,it's all here.......a perfect cross of Discharge and Celtic Frost sped up to a frenzy........this just rocks ,enough said.

Disc 1
Disc 2

Repulsion toured with At the Gates and Municipal Waste this past summer,I'm not sure if they'll do it again but you should keep your eyes and ears open...............

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