Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who are they to tell you "YOU BE FREE"????

These guys kinda speak for themselves,no glamor or pompous shit attached. D.R.I. originally hailed from Houston,Texas made up of Kurt Brecht on vocals and his little brother Eric on drums joined by Spike Cassidy on guitar and Dennis(of Dennis's Problem fame)Johnson on Bass.
Though only Kurt and Spike rock on in the band today, these guys have been around since early'82 and still play today. They have released 7 full length Lp's to date though none later than 1995.
I post this for the kids that like there Punk Rock blazing fast and pissed. A lot of attention gets paid to bands like Municipal Waste and Bones Brigade and dutifully so,just remember these guys are one of the main reasons bands like that are at it today.

Here are the first two D.R.I. albums Dirty Rotten Lp and Dealing With It.
The Dirty Rotten Lp link also contains the Violent Pacification ep scattered throughout it.

Dirty Rotten Lp

Dealing With It Lp

Also check out their Crossover album if you get a second,I just don't care for it myself.

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