Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Residuals.........................Take #1

Saturday night,the wonderful month of October is no more and we now enter the descent towards another New England winter. I hope everyone that had the good sense to check out that Roky Erickson album yesterday is still getting a kick out of it.
Due to time restraints I only posted that one album but I originally had grandiose plans to post a ton of great shit and a few oddities to celebrate the times. So the next few days you'll get all the Halloween related sounds you can stomach,'til I run out. Some of the shit I found on the great blog Digital Meltdown, and the rest I had laying around. Take a second to visit D.M.,it's a great blog that I visit regularly,tons of rare stuff and it is just an invaluable resource. These kids bust their ass on it and it shows.
Today,you get a trio of great film scores. You all know these movies, probably the three most famous sequel happy horror films of the last 30 years, A Nightmare on Elm Street,Friday the 13th,and Halloween. There are a ton of them out there, the later ones suck somewhat,but I grew up on the earlier ones and though I now find them far from my idea of horror,I love the fucking things,especially the first 3 or 4 in each series.
I start with the score to A Nightmare on Elm St. by composer Charles Bernstein. Famous for this along with creating the soundtracks to such films as: Cujo,The Covenant,Sybil,Sadat and Freddy Vs. Jason, the first Nightmare on Elm St. is where it's at. The tracks on here are some great pummeling,hypnotic synth songs. For anyone that is a fan of this movie or at least saw it when they were young,these songs are ingrained in your head. Listening to it the other day was a lot of fun,these melodies have stuck with me through the years.

A Nightmare on Elm St. O.S.T.

Second on the itinerary for the day deals with Friday the 13th. This is a compilation that someone painstakingly put together. It has bits and pieces of music and dialogue culled from the first eight movies in the lineage. Through out you get the classic tch,tch,tch,....hah,hah,hah rhythm that scared the shit out of us as kids. 21 songs here,and one hell of a listen!!!!!!

Friday the 13th clips

Lastly I give you one of the most memorable sounds there is. The eerie marching cacophony that is the Halloween theme. Brewed up by one of my absolute favorite's,Director/Composer John Carpenter. Now while Carpenter started doing the scores to his films most likely for monetary reasons,the man was fucking great at it either way. Along side this, he also did the music for all of his films except for a few,Escape From New York, being my the one I love the most. Halloween is great too, don't miss out.

Halloween O.S.T.

I have the Escape From New York soundtrack as well if anyone is interested, I would love to share it with you.

If anyone has any good Halloween stories,let's hear them.
Tomorrow I'll probably post Samhain for you.........Troy


Anonymous said...

I already told Troy this once, but the first horror movie I saw happened to be Nightmare on Elm Street.
I was either 5 or 6 and I was watching it in the bedroom of a friend of mine who was 5 years older than me, and very into horror movies.
To say the least, the movie scared the living shit out of me and I was afraid to sleep, and to add to it all, as we were trying to sleep, my friend told me to look out of his window and tell me what street he lived on...which happened to be Elm Street.

Hopefully everyone had a happy Halloween!

Jay Riot said...

Oh nice, I love John Carpenter. The 'Thing' was a pretty good movie but there was a game adaptation made of it that never got noticed but it was awesome for its time. Also Metal Gear Solid is my favorite game series and the creator got a lot of ideas including the main character's traits and name from the film escape from new york. I owe a lot to Carpenter. I don't like horror films but suspense is alright. I still need to watch escape from new york.