Monday, November 10, 2008

Destroy the Twisted Justice...

From Tokyo hails Crow,maybe my favorite Japanese band sans Corrupted and Zeni Geva. Going strong for over 20 years now,they have released some of the best D-Beat crust punk you'll ever hear. I don't know much about them to tell you the truth save that they shared a drummer with the much more well known G.I.S.M. I contemplated posting only Japanese bands for the week but I knew better than to think I could go about it without neglecting bands that fully deserved to be recognized. On top of Crow,I was going to touch on The Comes,Gai,Confuse,Framtid,Lipcream,and that would leave out G.I.S.M., Coffins, Gallhammer, Corrupted,Muga,Conga Fury,etc. So, today you get 5 Crow records and some compilation tracks and for the near future you can expect a steady dose of Japanese bands littered throughout the rest of it. So in no particular order:

A Sacrifice for the Vicious Dominant and Bloodshed Justice

Bloody Tear LP

Death of Nuclear Arms EP

Neurotic Organization EP

The Beatings of the Wings of Destruction

Compilation tracks.....

If your running short on time and are gonna check one out before the rest,Neurotic Organization is a good place to start. It has a cover of "No Sanctuary"by Amebix and the first song"Children Lost the Bright Future" has perhaps one of the catchiest riffs you've ever heard.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been on my computer in a few days so it's been way cool to have so much stuff to check out!

I've only been able to give Neurotic Organization a listen so far out of all the Crow stuff but I look forward to hearing more, this is wicked sickk!

I like the idea of all Japanese bands for a week, you should do it one of these weeks!

tony said...

hey man your the first person ive known to actually care enought to put up more than bloody tear and for that im thankful


p.s. if your bored and wanna hear mitb influenced heavy pissed off tunes check out my band mancruel
we love any feedback

ido said...

I fucking love this band. Good call on your selections. I had all of these except "Bloody Tear", which I've wanted for a while. Thanks a lot! I'm planning on posting their "Last Chaos" LP on my blog, which I'm sure you will really dig.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting these i've been trying to get my hands on more of their records for a very long time.