Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Morning Radio

Sunday is here and I've got a couple of treats for you today in the form of two very well recorded radio shows.
There are two very different bands but both are absolute legends and beloved by many. The first is Rorschach who might be my favorite hardcore band ever depending on what month you catch me. They are from New Jersey and during the nineties, every fucking hardcore band in the world wanted to sound like them. Check out this live recording from 1990 on WFMU.

Rorschach live on WFMU

The other band is the crushing doom band Noothgrush. Hailing from the bay area,these guys along with Japan's Corrupted were THE sludge bands you wanted to see. They wrote kick ass riffs and never compromised,they just rocked. Their recording was from 1996 and took place on WSZU in Palo Alto,California. The sound is absolutely devastating so if you like your punk slow as molasses, download this now.
Noothgrush live on WSZU

As for studio albums by these bands,I have a couple things by Noothgrush I can post but I've lost my Rorschach discography cd along the way. If anyone has it and could get it to me somehow so I could share it here,well,that would be great. Rorschach has so many good songs not covered on this recording as it was taken before they wrote their 2nd Lp. Their first album was a classic but even though it pains me to say it,the 2nd blows it out of the water.

While we're on the subject of radio shows I wanted to turn you onto KMBT:Combat Music Radio. With shows by Joe Preston(Harvey Milk,Thrones,High on Fire,Melvins),Scott Kelly(Neurosis),and Ben Sizemore(Econochrist) among others, you know it fucking rocks. Seriously,you have to check out Joe Preston's show "F that S", it's the best on there. The guy has been involved with some of the best bands ever and this show is definitely on that level. Apparently,Aesop from Cosmic Hearse blog and the drummer for Ludicra and Agalloch will be getting his own show soon as he gets the time. I can't wait for that one.

Get to KMBT from here.

By the way,one more thing before I call it quits until tomorrow. I by no means want to force any of this music down your throats but there were a couple things I have posted that either only one person downloaded or nobody bothered to at all. The first is the Ludicra album on the Cosmic Hearse post I did. You are seriously missing out if you don't back track and check this out. Ludicra are better than 99.9% of bands that are out there today and I could point you to a lot of people who would back that up,it's not just my personal preference. The other glaring thing was how NOBODY downloaded the TerroRhythm Vol.3 Japanese Hardcore compilation. This has four of Japans most raging bands on it so do yourself a big favor and head back and get it. I've put new links up so click on Ludicra or TerroRhythm to get this stuff without searching back to find it.

And remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Comments are appreciated....................................................Troy

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Batguano said...

"Protestant" was easily my favorite of the 2 Rorschach Lps. Those vocals are one of the defining features the band...

I have the "Autopsy" CD if you're still in need of the files. I have it ripped at 192, but I can re-rip it if you want better quality. Let me know.