Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Think About Death!!!!!!!!

After a day off,have some more great Japanese punk rock. Not really the Black denim clad variety like Crow,but much more intense and manic,Conga Fury are my new standard for thrash. Aggressive and discordant and just tuneful enough when they want to be,they are so tight that the chaos they produce really is uncanny.
Three quarters of the stuff I am posting here today,I got from this great blog I want to link for you.
It's called Stay Female Fronted and they post bands that contain at least one female member.You get your Black Metal bands with only a female singer. You get your all-female Brazilian hardcore bands,your Girl School knock offs and so much more. You also can pick up the other Ludicra albums I haven't posted,if you so choose.
Now back to Conga Fury. There are 9 records here and they are all great in their own right. I believe it's everything they have released,besides Compilation tracks, but if that ain't right,please correct me. Here in no particular order:

Bullshit Disaster

Chaotic Noise

Dear Friends

Love Noise

Never Die

Split with Chainsaw and Voetsek

Split with Crunky Kids

Split with Godfree Ho

World Peace

......and seriously if you aren't sold on the idea of 9 free records from a great fucking band,check out these videos first, the look in singer Hanao's eyes says it all.

Enjoy this stuff and I'll be back tomorrow with a real classic.........................................Troy

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