Saturday, November 15, 2008

From the LBC.....

Southern California,late 1980's was the time,and Crust was on the rise. Bands like Apocalypse,Glycine Max,Confrontation,and A//Solution were all going strong and producing some of the best stuff around.Though they weren't quite as heralded as their U.K. counterparts like Hell Bastard,Deviated Instinct,and Bolt Thrower or even New York's Nausea,in my opinion, these bands carry the same air of desolation and impending doom while capturing what I imagine it felt like to live in Orange county in the late eighties. Hard to say though,as I regretfully missed out on one of my favorite era's of punk/hardcore. I was lucky enough to meet a few of the guys that were in these bands when I live in Long Beach years ago. I stayed at a house on Elm St. in Long Beach for 4 or 5 months and had the chance to pick the brains of Raygunn(Glycine Max,Scarred for Life,Dogma Mundista) and Todd(Confrontation,Dystopia,Mange) and both of them were very generous with their music collections. I spent hours and hours poring over their records, making tape after tape and discovering tons of stuff I still love today. Raygunn used to share tales with me of backyard shows where he used to play with A//Solution. I had an old Apocalypse demo that had some songs on the end that were faster and heavier than the rest and always just assumed they were the last things they had recorded before they split up. I never put 2 and 2 together but they were actually the Butterfly ep,one of the best records there is. They also recorded an album dubbed "Things to Come" that is a departure from the speed and fury of their ep. I actually like to think of it as the SoCal answer to Zygote's Wind of Knives Lp. So, from me to you,some of the best songs to come out of Orange County, I give you A//Solution................

Butterfly Ep

Things to Come

I just got back from seeing the Hostiles in West Rutland and they were as fun as ever. They were forced to play on the stage and whoever did the sound couldn't manage to get it right despite thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Kind of a young crowd,and you never want to sit through a Christian band but they seemed to have fun and Steve knows how to get them all going with his cool white boy rapping. What a vulgar little whelp he's become..............Troy

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Anonymous said...

White boy rap? Pshh!
I thought it was pretty sick!

Hahaha Ryan and I wrote that rap a while ago, out of boredom really, and we figured we'd put it to use somewhere in our set hahahahah.

By the way, you were right about how terrible The Gingerdead Man was, but it was entertaining all the same.

Anyway! Have a good one and I'm glad you guys could all come down!

I'll give all this stuff a better listen tomorrow, right now I need to get some sleep!