Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a Slow Day!!!!

Good morning everyone. I trust Conga Fury kept some of you busy for a minute. Back after taking a day off, I cater to the rainy day all you New Englanders are facing. Here is a great listen for you to spend some time with......Noothgrush. Those of you who downloaded the radio show I posted are in the know now but if you missed that,you can get it here. For all the others who might not be familiar with this legend,I give you 3 of their releases,"Erode the Person","Failing Early,Failing Often",and their split with Japan's Corrupted. These three will give you a phenomenal look into the collective brain of this band, though there are some other songs to seek out if you wish.

Erode the Person

Failing Early, Failing Often

Split with Corrupted

I was lucky enough to catch these guys in all their stripped down beauty at the old PCH show space in Long Beach/Wilmington, California. I saw them play with Gasp and a few other bands and that is what sticks with me as far as this is concerned. These albums rule but their greatness is best witnessed for yourself . So, here are some videos I found on Youtube that I think will do the trick.

#1 #2 #3

Watch their drummer Chiyo Nukaga, she is one of my favorite drummers I've seen live. She never needs to be flashy,she just fucking gets it done......................Troy

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