Monday, November 3, 2008

For Now.......

I'm beat and I'm not long for the night. It's only 8:42 but it feels like 2am. So, I'll postpone today's post until tomorrow and give you a couple of things I uploaded that I haven't used and didn't really have plans for.
First is the Terro-Rhythm Vol.3 comp. It contains 4 great Japanese Hardcore/Punk bands with multiple songs by each. They are Conga Fury,Swarrrm,Life,and Protess. They really isn't a bad song on the whole compilation but "Think About Death" by Conga Fury is my favorite. The most raging song I've heard in a while.

I also put up the brand new album by Norway's Dark Throne. Dark Thrones and Black Flags continues on in their more Motorhead-ish direction they have been experimenting with on the last few albums they have. I half expected it to get weaker as the songs went on but it really didn't. It stays pretty consistent and I really recommend it for their old fans that have become disillusioned with them.

Terro-Rhythm Vol. 3

Dark Thrones and Black Flags

Things should be back to normal tomorrow,I'm calling it a night. Tune in tomorrow..........Troy

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