Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can God Pull Teeth???????

It's Saturday morning and my weekend has officially begun. Today's post deals with something a bit different than anything I've uploaded so far. I give you a couple of Al Jourgenson's side projects. For those of you who are asking yourself who he is, Al is the mastermind between perhaps the most widely known Industrial band bar maybe Nine Inch Nails, the mighty Ministry. Now,I know that they haven't really put out anything worth a shit since the mid-nineties but there was a period between 1985 and around 1992-93 where Al Jourgenson had his hands in everything. Whether it was producing or Skinny Puppy's masterpiece "Rabies" or sending NIN on their way to stardom, he was everywhere and he involved himself with a ton of cool bands and musicians.

That's where Pailhead comes in. Along with Ministry alumni Bill Reiflin and Paul Barker and Naked Raygun's Eric Spicer, they teamed up with Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat to make a great ep called Trait. Though short, this record has some cool songs on it. Imagine a more punk rock Ministry with Ian singing. I really wore this one out as a teenager but recently reacquainted myself with it and still find it to be a good listen. Minor Threat fans should certainly check it out.


Equally notable and something I might just like better than Pailhead is Al Jourgenson's work with Jello Biafra,which goes by the name of Lard. Lard finds much more of the Ministry influence creeping in and Jello's voice does sometimes seem way out of place during the album,it's just that some of these songs will have you laughing out loud. If you listen to only one song the first time around,make it "Can God Pull Teeth". It's definitely my favorite on the album "The Last Temptation of Reid". I believe Lard released an album in the late nineties but haven't heard anything about them since.

The Power of Lard

The Last Temptation of Reid

Finally I give you,my favorite three Ministry albums just in case someone out there reading is into this kind of thing. I remember when I would meet older punks there would be no doubt that most of them had an open mind and would be into anything that was even a little out there. Now most of the punks I meet are into punk and nothing else. Some of the kids I looked up to most as a teenager loved Metal or Industrial music. Now if I dare mention a band like Skinny Puppy to someone,their nose goes up in the air quicker than shit. So like I said ,if your into it?????


The Land of Rape and Honey

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste


Jay Riot said...

I'm gonna keep my comment short and sweet,

...Jello Biafra.

Greg said...

Thanks! Ministry killed it right up till Filth Pig, couple of good tracks on that, the rest a big ol' greasy turd!

Anonymous said...

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