Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Road to Recovery.....

Welcome to Men's Recovery Project. Consisting of Sam McPheeters and Neil Burke of Born Against and a slew of other members coming and going,these guys put out a ton of shit.
Building off the rotting skeleton of their old band,they created a mayhem that was barely recognizable as hardcore but was definitely some sick stuff,full of electronic impulses and random direction. Then there was their live show,mostly done in some kind of getup and always looking like it was a whole lot of....uhh?
Here are two of their albums. They put out so many records I have never really been able to keep track of it.

Frank Talk About Humans

The Very Best of .........

One of these is an actual album while the other compiles some of their other stuff,from which records I have no clue.

Check out Sam's blog"The Loom of Ruin",you can find the link under the blogs section on the right of the page.

This post goes out to my man Matt Stoddard. Matt is easily the biggest Men's Recovery Project fan I know.I've known Matt since I was 14 and our bands used to play together at the old Harlequin Records in Rutland. He is one of my oldest friends and even though I don't see him nearly often enough,I think about him a lot. We have recorded with each other in the past and came out with some great shit. Hopefully there is more to come on that front....Matt is a great father and a pal anyone would be happy to have.


Oldboy said...

Thanks Troy, you rock, and there will be more from Matt and Troy soon, maybe even live shows. Yes I am a Mens Recovery freak and I used to live with a even bigger one down in Asheville, NC by the name of Blair who puts out a zine called "Menace." Mens Recovery project just don't give a fuck and with that kind of mentality they explore some sick musical abrasions that make my girlfriends head spin. I reccomend getting drunk and trying to dance to them, one of my favorite songs is the classic "All music is shit to god."
Thanks Troy see you this weekend

Greg said...

Check out MRP's Bolides Over Basra, a sort of Middle Eastern concept album. My favorite thing they ever did!