Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go see these guys.......

Cheers and thanks to Steve Hostile,bassist for The Hostiles and Cozi Come and good friend/ally of In Green Mountain Hell.
I have been reaching out to folks in different areas asking for show updates,but thus far I haven't heard from too many of you. I ask again for you all to help out because I don't have the time to fish them all out by myself.
So Steve,being the upright citizen he is, has informed me about 3 Hostiles shows on the horizon.
The first is this coming Saturday, Nov. 7th and it is a benefit for a 6 month old little boy named Blake that is battling Leukemia right now.
It starts at 5pm in Springfield,VT at the High School
and it costs $10. I know someone just groaned at the price but it is for a kid dying of a disease so don't be a bastard about it. There are 8 or 9 bands give or take a cancellation so it is definitely worth it.
The bands:The Hostiles,Danny Devita,Last Train Rollin',Lilum,Retro Stereo,The Intel,Modo forte,From Jupiter,and the most interesting sounding to me,Hammer Hands.
And if anyone is interested and has a ride,they can follow me out about 5 or 6 miles north of Springfield to my friend Matt Corliss's going away celebration. It's on his parents' land and it is sure to be a good time.
On November 15th,the Hostiles are playing at the West Rutland Town Hall. It is only $5 and it starts at 6pm sharp. The Bands:The Hostiles,Civil Insanity,'Til We Have Faces,Next Time We Talk,and Kevlar Tuxedo. And special guest Katherine Von Pisspants and her friend Jillian treating us to an acoustic performance,I can't wait to see that.
And the final of the three will be at Mill River High School. It starts at 6pm and is taking place on Dec. 13th. The bands as of now:The Hostiles,'til We Have Faces,Next Time We Talk and Sidewalk Chalk.
Some of you may already know this but Steve and I are writing some songs for a new band which I mentioned earlier,Cozi Come. We are still looking for a drummer but in the meantime we have some good stuff being churned out . We wrote a kick ass song last night that just needs a bit more arranging,kind of Born Against meets "Forward into Battle"era English Dogs. It's been fun and hopefully we can really get things going soon. So if anyone is interested in drumming for us,shoot me an


Jay Riot said...

Well about that $10 benefit show, Normally I would complain but benefit shows are just like donating money except the donor gets something back for his/her money, ant its over 8 bands so its worth the price alone. No one should bitch at helping a great cause AND getting there moneys worth.

Its times like these I miss Rutlands music. Good luck with the new band with Steve, keep me updated.

Anonymous said...

HAHA classic picture.
Thanks for posting the shows dude! I hope it gets someone to show up and I hope someone wants to play drums for us, hahaha.

And thanks Jay! Hopefully you'll get to hear our stuff before long!

TMM said...

Thank you both for the response...much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

wow this blog is the very best!